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Pocahontas County has assigned a physical address to all addressable properties in Pocahontas County.  These addresses have been sent to postal customers by the US Postal Service and are required for your mail delivery.  

Pocahontas County's E911 Addressing Ordinance can be found HERE

Look up your new address with the United States Postal Service
  Just enter your old address and the system will return your new mailing address along with the ZIP+4

If you are establishing a new physical 911 address, you must come to the 911 Center IN PERSON
.   We cannot provide 911 addresses to anyone other than the property owner or occupant of the property.  The Pocahontas Co 911 Center is located at 1008 Jury St, Marlinton.   Be prepared to provide your current mailing address or any type of directions or description that we can use to identify your home, including any prior owners and/or neighbors.   Once you have completed the form we will get back to you with your address as soon as possible.   We CAN NOT provide immediate addresses to all parties, new locations that have never been addressed may take approx 2 to 4 business days.

We CANNOT provide lists of 911 addresses.

DOWNLOAD the 911 Address Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 911 Address?
It is your physical address where you live.   It is determined by assigning 1000 addresses per mile, even numbers are on the right and odd numbers on the left.   This gives emergency responders a general idea of where your home is located simply from the numeric address.

Why do I need a 911 Address?
• For emergencies such as fire, ambulance, and police
• Any hookups such as phone, electric, cable, etc…
• To receive mail
(you also have to have a 911 Address to get a Post Office Box)

Any structure that is occupied, even campers and weekend homes must have a 911 address posted. This is for emergencies, whether you’re there or not, it may be a medical emergency or a wreck in front of your house. Emergency responders look for the address to quicken their response time. Every second counts!

How do I get my address?
If you need a new address for a new structure, it’s best to go to the 911 Center and bring any map you may have for the most accurate location of your driveway. If you’re out of state or too far to drive to the office, we can sometimes get it figured out over the phone if you have good information about the location or a close neighbors name or address.

If you’re moving into a house that already has an address, even though you know what the address is, you need to call the 911 Center to update your information to ensure your safety.

911 Addresses can be obtained at the 911 Center on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday only between the hours of 8:00AM and 3:00PM.  You may leave your information at other times, but we will not be able to provide written letters of address verification except during the hours listed.

Where should I post my 911 Address?
If your house can be seen from the road, you can post your numbers on it using 3 inch letters. Or if your mailbox is right by your driveway, you can post your address on your mailbox on both sides.* If your mailbox is bunched at a different location with other mailboxes, you will have to post your numbers on a sign by your driveway so emergency responders or even delivery trucks can find you by looking for those numbers in addition to putting them on your mailbox. It’s also very helpful if you put your name on your mailbox too. If you don’t receive mail at your house, you can put any kind of a sign up as long as it is obvious that it belongs to your residence.
*To find out where to put your mailbox, you must contact the Post Office that would deliver your mail.

Talk to your neighbors and spread the word, you may help save a life!!!

If you notice that a road sign is missing, please call us so we can get it replaced. A missing road sign could delay response time for emergency vehicles. It could make a difference in saving someone’s life. If you ever see illegal or suspicious activity involving stealing a road sign please report it to Pocahontas County 911. Stealing signs is a crime and punishable with a fine and/or jail time

Why does my GPS or the internet not show my new address?   We have provided all mapping and addressing information to the various GPS and internet mapping companies.    It is now up to them to upload the new addressing to their various programs.    We have no control over when and how those updates will take place.

Make your house easier to find at night by installing a highly reflective 911 address sign.

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