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Call (304) 799-4567 24hr Emergency Number
Pocahontas County HSEM
1008 Jury Street
Marlinton, WV  24954


Fax: 304-799-5486

Director's Office: 304-799-3985 (Mon - Fri 7:30AM - 3:30PM)

About Us

Michael O'Brien
Director, Homeland Security & Emergency Management / 911

Director's Assistant, Homeland Security & Emergency Management/911


Jeff Jackson - 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Alvon Ryder - 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Carol Smallridge - 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Angela Wilfong - 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Danielle Brown - 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Jared Clendenen - 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher/EMT
Bridget Shaw - 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Jonathan Moore - 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Dale Kennison - 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Ben Brown - 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Holly Arbogast- 911 Emergency Medical Dispatcher
What does Emergency Management do?

Emergency Management is often referred to as OES, EMA, and most recently since our merger with Homeland Security we are known as HSEM (Homeland Security & Emergency Management).   We are often confused with EMS (Emergency MEDICAL Services), while we do utilize the services of EMS during emergency situations we are not responsible for the day to day activities of EMS operations in Pocahontas County, those lie with the individual fire departments and rescue squads and their staff.

Emergency Management is tasked with developing and maintaining an operational plan for the various types of emergencies or disasters that could strike Pocahontas County.    This can be as small as a vehicle accident that blocks roadways or as complex as a major storm that knocks out power and communications to the entire county.

Pocahontas County has a written "all hazards" disaster plan which details which agencies will respond to the various types of disasters and what their duties will be.   During an emergency, the Pocahontas County Director of Emergency Management is in charge of all emergency operations by mandate of the WV State Code.   Pocahontas County operates under a "Unified Command" system, where each individual agency continues to operate under their "chief" and that person then reports to the Director of Emergency Management.

Emergency Management is the only agency who can request outside resources from the State and Federal government.   Resources such as water, ice, generators, oxygen, National Guard assistance and whatever else may be needed can be requested via the WV Dept of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.   These orders must be placed by computer and will be fulfilled based on the county's needs and the needs of other surrounding jurisdictions.

When there is not an on-going emergency situation, the Emergency Management Director evaluates what resources are currently available within the county and updates the disaster plan as needed.   Additionally, the Director must attend regular training and regional meetings to coordinate disaster response with other local and state agencies.
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