Flood Facts


UPDATED 03/02/2015


                Durbin 7.0 Feet

                Clover Lick 13.0 Feet

                Marlinton 10.0 Feet

                Buckeye 15.0 Feet


Minnehaha Springs

9.0 feet


7.0 feet   Water comes over the wall at Marlinton Water Plant on 9th Ave.   


10.0 Feet

Water starts coming over the river bank into the mini-park at end of bridge.

10.5 Feet

 Water covers 1st Avenue around River Place and mini-park

11.0 Feet

Water covers 1st. Avenue south of River Place Restaurant and around mini-park, starts covering southern end of 2nd. & 3rd Ave

11.5 Feet

 Above areas affected and water comes up 2nd & 3rd Ave farther

12.0 Feet

 Above areas affected and water comes up 2nd & 3rd Ave into Fas Chek onto 9th Street near Funeral Home

12.5 Feet

 November 19, 2003 Flood Height.(12.7 feet)  Areas above affected as well as up 2nd Avenue to funeral home, but not in houses on lower 2nd Ave, except for Roger Cain residence.  Up 3rd Ave to Fas Chek, 13 inches in Fas Chek store.   18" of water in shop area of Burns Motor Freight.  Access road to Riverside is blocked, but not in any homes.  Does not affect any homes on Tannery Row.   Stephen Hole Run Road is blocked from Rimel residence south with several feet of water.  Water gets into lower camps on western river bank at Seebert.

13.0 Feet

 1967 Flood Height. All areas above as well as water backs up storm drains on Main Street putting water up to sidewalk level.

13.5 Feet

 May 1996 Flood Height.  All areas above affected as well as about 6" of water in fire station apparatus area.  Several inches in funeral home.  (This was prior to storm drain changes in 2009)

13.7 – 14.0 Feet

January 25, 2010 Flood Height.  All areas above affected, except no water in fire station.  Also, Main St had water only between the two traffic lights and water was only sidewalk height. There was a small amount of water inside Main St. Music/Fitness.  23" inside Fas Chek.  24" inside shop and lower offices of Burns Motor Freight.  Water in Liquors and More Store. 219 blocked from Burns Motor Freight to Rite Aid.  No water in either Dollar Store, DQ or Foodland. (Note: Marlinton storm drains changed in Nov 2009 this seems to have helped some poor drainage issues for some areas.) Water on 9th Street from 9th Ave to Post Office.  No water in Elementary School. Access to PCC is blocked.  Some water in Motor Parts Store.

15.0 Feet

 Above areas affected. Expect water to get into Dollar Stores, Dairy Queen and Foodland.

16.0 Feet

 Above areas affected. Access to end of bridge at Little General will be under water.

17.0 Feet

 Above areas affected.  Additional water height and more damage.

18.0 Feet

 Above areas affected. Additional water height and more damage.

19.0 Feet

 Above areas affected. Additional water height and more damage.

20.0 Feet

 Above areas affected. Additional water height and more damage.

21.0 Feet

 January 1996 Flood Height – Water covers most of town from 1st Ave all the way up to 10th Ave in front of Courthouse.  Several feet of water in most homes and businesses from 1st. Ave to 9th. Ave

22.0 Feet

 November 1985 Flood Height – Same as above.

Notifications are made to allow citizens to take whatever action you feel necessary to protect yourself and your property.  Emergency Management and local fire and rescue squads do not have enough manpower to assist you with moving your belongings.  We will provide evacuation assistance if possible but we cannot promise that we will be able to access your home/business later to evacuate you. 

If you are evacuating your home please take all necessary medications with you.  If you have pets please make sure they are safe or evacuate them with you.  We recommend you turn off your main power breaker prior to leaving your home.

In case of emergency, call 9-1-1.

For further updates on flooding conditions stay tuned to WVMR 1370AM or 88.5 FM.  You may also visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Poca-Co-Homeland-Security-Emergency-Management/171593972913677

Please avoid calling 9-1-1 or the fire stations unless you have an emergen
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